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 601 Balearic Road
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, 71909

Casual dress is acceptable.

We want something FOR you,

not something FROM you.

Service times

Sunday 9:00 am – VCC Kids & Youth

Sunday 9:00 am – Village Bible Study

Sunday 10:00 AM – Worship Service


Village Christian Church
601 Balearic Road
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, 71909


What should i expect ?


At Village Christian Church you will be pleased to experience a simple, Christ-centered time of Worship. Our service begins with a blended mix of contemporary and traditional music. We strive to select music that is focused on Jesus the Christ, and on God, our Father in heaven. We read and study the Bible as a Workbook for Life. We share the Love of Jesus in our classes and our services, as well as in our daily life activities.

Come any Sunday between 8:45 and 9AM and you can enjoy coffee, tea, and sweet treats along with Christian Fellowship. At 9AM we commence our Village Bible Study (VBS). You are always free to ask questions or to contribute your own experience/thoughts as the class progresses. This usually concludes by 9:45 and worship begins at 10AM.

Worship at Village Christian begins with songs of praise and worship that culminates after about 15 minutes with Communion. The Lord’s Supper is provided to all believers every Sunday during Worship. We encourage people to make their own decisions about whether to take Communion, but all are invited to take the bread and cup of juice as it is brought to your seat. Everyone takes Communion together. Offering plates are not passed, but there are plates at the back of the Worship Center for all who want to leave a tithe and/or offerings to support the many ministries of Village Christian Church.

A Message based on Scripture follows Communion. The Message (sermon) is Scripture-based and is relevant to the lives of Christians living in Hot Springs Village, USA, today.

Village Christian Church operates on a Team Based Ministry plan that includes 18 Ministry Teams (as of Nov. 2023) that allow all of the members and regular attenders to serve God and the Church in an area of their giftedness, talent, or passion. If you are interested in getting involved in something that Really Matters, there is a good chance that we have a need where you have a skill or gift.

We are ready to Help You Get Into “first-step ministries” such as Children’s Ministry Team, Men’s or Women’s Ministry, Prayer Team, Communion and/or Greeting Ministry Team, Outreach and Service Team and/or the Fellowship Ministry Team.

Soon, you may find you desire to step into another Ministry Team such as the Website and Social Media Team, Publications and Marketing Team, the Encouragement Team, The Building and/or the Grounds Team, The Emergency Medical Response Team, The Security Team, The Worship and/or the Christian Education Team, or the Missions Team. You do not have to be a member of the church to be on a Team, but you do have to be a Church Member to be a Ministry Team Leader.

You may want to know that Village Christian is a Missions-minded Church. Three of our Missions are International (We Go Mission, Haitian Christian Mission, and Rapha International). Three of our Missions are Domestic (Ozark Christian College, Cookson Hills Christian Ministries, and Arkansas Church Planting Network).

Come and See what God is doing at the dynamic Village Christian Church. Come get involved, be blessed, and use the gifts that God has given you.